Dj Bvoice и!

2000-2007 B-Voice was the resident DJ of the legendary Moscow club 'Mix'. In 2001 B-voice with his friend started remixing Russian pop-artists and at the same time made his own songs under the nickname 'Da Pop' and 'Midiots'. They made the demo track 'Optofuzz' for NI 'Traktor 2' & released two records on German labels 'Treibstoff' and 'Dumb Unit'. Since 2002 he is the permanent member of Moscow net-radiostation Deepmix. []. Nowadays Vasily B-Voice is the resident of Moscow club 'IKRA', Moscow-Radiostation 'Megapolis 89.5 FM' and Deepmix-Moscow-Radio. In 2005 Vasily with his friend Egor Khz started the new project BVOICE & KHZ. They works with a lot of labels such as 'Dumb Unit', 'Phlegmatek', 'Pro-Tez', 'PulseWith', 'Level', 'Trenton' etc. All this has made him one of the most respected deep, minimal & tech-house DJ in Russia.


Официальный пресс-релиз Василия B-Voice на английском языке:

Vasily B-Voice started his DJ career in 1996. He played his first sets at 'Treasure Island' and 'Tretiy Put'' clubs. Later on he played at a lot of clubs around the world and also took part in famous festivals like 'Kazantip', 'Sound Architecture', 'Rave-o-lution', 'TusArt' etc. Vasily started his radio work playing at 'Radio Station' and 'Substation'. The last one left the warmest memories - he was offered total freedom as to what to play. He often took part in improvised talk-shows 'The Lessons of Minimalism' on Sundays.


DJ B-Voice 'Deepmix 1.0' (CD, Ltd, Promo) Deep Mix Moscow Radio 2003
Kalle-M 'Kikkeli' [BVoice Rmx] (File, MP3) Between Us 2005
B-Voice 'Dusk Ill Duck' [V/A 'Naked Little Beat'] (CD) V135 Recordings 2005


Song Seven (12') Treibstoff 2003
Traktorizm EP (12') Dumb-Unit 2004
Midio-Web [V/A 'Naked Little Beat'] (CD) V135 Recordings 2005
Mississippi' [V/A 'Alley P.M. v2.0'] (2xCD) Alley P.M. 2005

BVoice & Khz

Outhood EP (12', EP) Pro-tez Records 2006
Radio Glitch (12') Phlegmatek Recordings 2006
Soft Gum Switches (12') Dumb-Unit 2006
Primus (12') PulseWith Records 2007
V/A Top ten 1/3 (12') Level Records 2007